Curbside Frequently Asked Questions

I Currently Pay Lee County Each Year On My Property Taxes To Dispose Of My Garbage. If I Sign Up With You Will I Be Paying Twice?


All Lee County residents who wish to use ViroTek for private garbage removal and disposal must enter into an agreement with ViroTek.  Upon execution of an agreement, we will submit a copy of your agreement to the Lee County Revenue Commissioners Office along with a letter signed by you requesting that you be exempt from the Lee County garbage fee or solid  waste disposal fee pursuant to Alabama Code §45-41-243(4).  Alabama Code § 45-41-243(4) provides that the Lee County Commission may assess a solid waste disposal or garbage fee on Lee County residents residing outside of Auburn or Opelika who do not contract for private garbage disposal. 



My Trash Wasn't Picked Up 


If your trash wasn't picked up on it's scheduled date, we were experiencing mechanicals issues and your trash will be picked up the following day. Please leave trash can curbside! If trash was not picked up the following day, contact us at (334)744-1537 or submit a quick contact here and we will get someone out to make sure it's picked up.




Holiday Pickup


We do not pickup on Martin Luther King Jr Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas Day or New Years . If your pickup day falls on any of these days, your trash will be picked up the next BUSINESS DAY. 




How Do I Receive My Trash Can


Once you register for service your information will automatically be generated into our system and your trash can will be delivered the next business day. If trash can wasn't delivered, please contact us immediately at

(334) 744-1537 or submit a quick contact here




Do You Charge For The Delivery Of My Trash Can


Yes, we charge just a flat one-time fee of $25.00 




Damaged or Missing Trash Can


We will replace your trash can but, an additional cost of $25.00 will be applied.

What Time Do You Pickup In My Area: There isn't a set pickup time we arrive at your home. However, trash cans must be curbside the night before your scheduled pickup day to ensure that you won't be missed. 




I Forgot To Put My Trash To The Curb In Time


 Oops! If we are still near your area we will be more than happy to re-track to make sure you get picked up. However, if we are not in your area you will more than likely have to wait until your next scheduled pickup date or pay a re-route fee of $16.80.




How Will I Be Charged For Your Services


When you register for our services you will be redirected to PayPal secured checkout page who we partnered with for the payment method and payments will be automatically withdrawn each month. *Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to register for our services. Once you input your email address on your payment cart you will be taken to the secured PayPal checkout page who we have partnered with.* There you will choose the option "PAY WITH A DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD*. 



I Have A Bulk Item that Needs To Be removed


Bulk items must be scheduled on a different date click this link and scroll down the the bulk item section to schedule a pickup.




I Don't Have A Curb My Driveway Is Long


We will still be able to provide you with curbside service. However, we insist that you leave you trash can at the end of your driveway each day for better access for you and us. If you have any further questions, please click this link and submit a quick contact and we will contact you shortly.




One-Cycle Recycling


The average American generates nearly 1 ton of trash a year, which can create serious problems if it all goes into the landfill. Fortunately, ViroTek Services  has made significant investments in recycling technology to make residential recycling easy and convenient for you.



What Our Recycling Program Can Do for You


Our One- Cycle Recycling allows residential recyclables to be mixed together and is later sorted at our local recycling facilities. Our One-Cycle Recycling program focuses on all recyclable materials generated by residents – not just individual items. This comprehensive approach helps divert the greatest volume of recyclable materials from landfills. Click here for more recycling d 

Residents can typically recycle the following items:

• Plastic bottles, jugs, and #5 tubs
• Glass bottles and jars
• Aluminum cans
• Steel cans and lids
• Paperboard (like cereal boxes)
• Cardboard
• Office paper
• Envelopes and junk mail
• Newspapers, magazines and inserts
• Telephone books and catalogs
• Cartons