Garbage Solutions For Our Community

There has been an on going problem in several Lee County communities regarding Littering and Overflowing dumpsites. However, we at ViroTek Services have a few solutions that we think would help slow down this madness and benefit you personally. We know that this matter can not be fixed overnight but, "Together we can both help contain these issues!" 

1. The overflow of dumpsters

Lee County, AL is a growing population which means more trash is being produced. 

  • Bulk Item Pickup

    If someone hauled off and disposed of several large items inside of the local dumpsters those items take up a lot of space. Most of the time the large items are the reason why the dumpsters are filling up so quickly. With us, we can provide you with our bulk item removal so, if you have a large couch, dresser, table or chair we will get them removed. We will donate most of your items if items are applicable however, if items are not applicable we will dispose of them at the local transfer station. 

2. Litter Control

If we can have less vehicles on the roads hauling trash to the dumpsites. Most of the issue is with trash flying off of pickup trucks, roll off trucks, trailers and the roof of smaller cars.  

  • Curbside Pickup For Your Home

    We will provide your home with a heavy duty trash can which will eliminate any trips to the dumpsites. The less vehicles hauling trash to the dumpsites, the better our roadways have a chance of staying litter free. 

  • Animal Control

    Our trash cans will prevent those pesky critters from getting into your garbage and making a mess. They are durable and easy accessible for you only and not animals.  

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